Lip Embroidery – Make Your Lips Look More Enhanced

Do you feel exhausted of doing a touch-up of your lips every time when you are out for an office or party? Or you come home from the office and have to remove all those layers of makeup prior to you can go to bed? All these things are quite common in daily life.

But you can overcome these things simply by having Lip Embroidery Singapore. This semi-permanent tattoo on your lips prevents you from that some more minutes of your beauty nap in the early morning.

Few Reasons of Having a Lip Embroidery is Must

  • Lips thumbs_未标题-203embroidery is safe over lipsticks!

Lipsticks are bad for your lips as it can cause serious health issues like the higher risk of cancer. Whereas, lip embroidery is boon for your lips as it is done utilizing the biocompatible chemicals, which implies it is neither much harmful nor toxic to the human tissues.


  • Hygienic and safe

Are you aware about that the viruses can survive weeks on lipsticks due to the waxes as well as proteins in them? Lip embroidery is done with the by means of a machine and a needle at the end. Every needle is a single-used and sterilized for each customer so each appointment is safe and hygienic.

  • Lasts 4 to 5 years

Within 2-3 hours, you can have uniformly colored lips that last 4-5 years. Lipsticks don’t even last 2-3 hours with no fading. Visualize the amount of lipsticks, money and time in your purse you can spare.

  • Completely painless

You may think that this is the painful procedure, well before doing this; a numbing cream will be applied to the whole lips. So there is obviously no pain at all. Only sit back and calm, permit the professionals work their magic and wake up with elegant lips.

  • Lips will seem darker than expected in the starting

Doesn’t panic by the first darken than expected color and the enormously dry lips that you will obtain right way after the embroidery. The real color will disclose itself after the dead skin flakes off from the lips, natural, providing you tender, soft pink lips in just a few days. Try not to remove the dead skin off, let it to gently fall off by itself. Apply moisturizing lip balm speed up the process.

Therefore, lip embroidery can be the best ever solution for those ladies who feel embarrassed due to their dull looking lips.

All What You Need to Know About Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrow embroidery is surely the demanding one among topmost eyebrow trends. It is the secret of many celebrities for getting makeup like look without actually wearing it. You too can get the beautiful brows forever without carrying the lots of makeup every day. Before you go ahead for this treatment, it is necessary to get the essential information about it. Here in this blog, we have provided some important facts, such as:


  1. It is called with many names including 3D brow tattooing and microblading but different from these terms
  2. Look for the professional certified expert to get the preferred shape and color
  3. Don’t prefer the treatment offered at extremely cheaper rates as it can be little pricey
  4. It is practically a painless experience as compared to other procedures
  5. Eyebrow embroidery make the morning as well as beauty routines simpler

Every person wants properly shaped and beautifully colored eyebrows but not all the people get it by birth. Only the lucky one has striking facial features. But if you also want the celebrity like eyebrows without spending the lots of investment then brow embroidery is the best choice for you.

There are numbers of centers where you can get the eyebrow embroidery treatment to get your attractive and well-shaped brows. Choose the reliable center and consult with the experts before moving forward for the treatment regarding several important things. Most importantly ask for their previous treatments result to see what appealing changes you will get after your procedure.

Determine following things before you schedule an appointment for eyebrow embroidery:

  1. Consider the brow shape you want such as straight, arched or others ensuring it looks best on your face.
  2. Determine which eyebrow embroidery techniques is used
  3. Don’t go outside and meet other people because it generally takes around a week to recover
  4. Give the proper cleaning and washing to your face
  5. It is advised to go for the touch up session

If you want to give your brows the look of natural thickness and great volume then eyebrow embroidery can be pretty much for you. Brow on your face can improve the beauty of entire face so don’t underestimate its power.

The Countless Benefits of Brow Threading

Different to an opinion, threading is not a modern technique by any means. This technique has been used in the Middle East and India intended for several years. Due to its popularity, this procedure has proved to a great option to giving good shape to the eyebrows of women.

However, there are many people who still do not know what Eyebrow Threading in Singapore is all about and how it can come in handy in daily routine.


  1. No chemicals

As you have sensitive skin, you would extremely benefit from an all-natural practice like threading. Threading does not use any kind of chemicals; it can only use soft cotton. There is no possibility of any fake elements or products applying on your face and causing pain.

  1. Accuracy

Possibly the main benefit of threading is that this skill is capable of shaping eyebrows with dazzling accuracy. It removes multiple hairs in a less time. Threading unites with the skill of waxing to eradicate many hairs concurrently with the correctness of tweezing.

  1. Less pain

Nearly all of you already be familiar with the fact that threading is not as painful as waxing or any other hair removal procedure. The skin around the brows can be extremely sensitive which is why the practice that directly involves in the skin can be painful. Such situation does not occur in the case of threading.

  1. Safety

On behalf of someone who is using spots medications, threading can be considered as a best option to waxing.

  1. Affordability

Because threading uses no chemical and is a simple process, it is extremely affordable. You will not have to make an impression in your pockets to obtain your eyebrows threaded.

  1. Skill and technique

Threading is definitely an antique method that wants a huge amount of talent and hours of practice to master. Receiving a specialized hand thread your brows will not only guarantee the best results in eyebrow shaping but also the fact that it will be completed in the safest way possible.

So, if you want perfect eyebrows, the Brow Threading Treatment would be the excellent alternative. You will have to execute this treatment every 4-6 weeks, depend on your brow hair growth. This is just a small suggestion; if you like then take it.

Eyebrow Embroidery -3 Things to Keep in Mind before Having This Treatment

The trend of eyebrow embroidery has been growing in popularity across the world. Celebrities and many women embrace this trend, as a must-have beauty treatment, that is expected to make the brows look fuller and in shape that was previously thin, irregular, scratch mark, or misshapen.

The treatment of Brow Embroidery occurs only after the proper analysis of the face. There are a few things you should keep in mind before doing this treatment.

  1. Choose a Certified Eyebrow embroidery Expert

Semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery is a careful procedure that engages carefully sketch hair-like strokes to provide the look of realistic eyebrows.

If the beautician who is doing it is not properly trained in this art, the results might be less than gratifying, bearing in mind that you will have to live with it for several months. Moreover, make sure that the spa or salon you are going to follows the local health codes and narrow standards.

  1. Know your perfect brow Shape

In case you use pencil to thickening your eyebrows daily or wear them naturally, most of you will expect a brow having fussy shape. Still, if you have not yet sure about your perfect brow shape, then, you should discuss it with a professional before going for an eyebrow embroidery session.

The top studios for eyebrow embroidery in Singapore gives perfect brow design that can help you pick the right shape to enhance your look.

  1. Be prepared to take a few days off from your workouts

Following an eyebrow embroidery session, you be supposed to stay away from physical activities such as working out, swimming or jogging in the first week. The water or sweat formed can scrub down the dye before it has completely healed. Avoid doing wash face for the first few days, you can make use of cotton pads and facial cleansers to clean your face.

If you follow these tips then it can help you get the best results when thinking about having your eyebrows embroidered. Consulting with specialists Brow embroidery in Singapore will also be to your benefit. Thus, this process does take longer though and provide absolutely look extra natural.

Eyebrow Embroidery- A New Stylish Trend in the Market

Eyebrow Embroidery is absolutely the type of treatment, which is presently trending in a market. It is the secret to the “no makeup” looks of many celebrities and influencers.


A Brow Embroidery is an emerging beauty trend in new generation but one that has already become wildly popular in fashion world. This art is technically a form of tattooing, but the procedure involves implanting coloring under the surface of the skin with small disposable needles. It is meant to give thin brows the appearance of natural thickness and volume.

To know more about the basics of this attractive process, some fundamental things you need to be aware of before you decide to try this procedure for yourself

What Is Eyebrow Embroidery?

In the market, Eyebrow embroidery is also known as eyebrow hairline stroke. Unlike eyebrow tattoos, it is semi-permanent and can last up to two years. With adding colored stain to the skin, this technique fills in empty spots on your brows to give them a full and perfect look.

With a feathering technique, this procedure can produce a natural look since it uses pigments perfectly matched to your actual eyebrow color. After tracing out the area where the desired brow should be, the entire area is filling in with hair-like pigments.

How Is Eyebrow Embroidery Done?

A beautician will clean up your brow line by removing stray hairs. Then, a painkilling cream will apply to reduce the sensation of pain. Once the desired brows are traced, the technician will use a small blade to cut very small pieces of the top of layer of the skin away and apply the new color in its place.

In order to protect the new eyebrows, it is important to avoid scrubbing the brow areas. As this is a semi-permanent process, it will involve touch-ups from time to time as long as you choose to have them. Brow Embroidery is safe from any cosmetic procedure, so long as you are careful about it.


Good shape of eyebrows can define a person’s face and can even entirely change your look. Therefore, it is good if you consider this treatment to look more beautiful naturally without utilizing make-up.

Eyebrow Extensions – A Worthy Treatment for Thin Brows

If you hear the expression “eyebrow extensions” and the picture of it appears in mind, only stuck on somewhat further north, well, don’t. Long, streaming eyebrows remain immovably not a thing. Rather, brow extensions fill in crevices and improve eyebrow shapes.

Why Should You Try This?

You can consider some big names for bringing the fuller brow look back. However, you don’t need to be a big name (or need to seem as though one) to benefit from Eyebrow Extension in Singapore. The main thing they do

  • Filling in bare spots
  • Tweak your brow shape

How do eyebrow extensions work?

Turns out getting impeccable eyebrows are in reality entirely speedy and effortless, with arrangements seldom going past 30–45 minutes. To start with, the technician will clean and prepare the brows, and however it might be counterproductive, don’t be astonished if they also pluck away any stray hairs falling outside the temples line. This is all piece of building up the ideal eyebrow shape.

Next, the technician will probably draw or stencil on an outline of your new brow shape. Try not to be frightened if this line looks cartoonish


as it’s simply a guide, and the expert will know how to put the brows to make the look appear as normal as could be expected under the circumstances. Next, he or she will utilize a surgical-review adhesive to attach the extensions, one-by-one to the regular brow hairs or specifically to the skin, contingent upon your requirements.

Remember, your finished brows won’t look impeccably symmetrical. Yet, this is something worth being thankful for, since regular brows aren’t immaculate either and a small dissymmetry will assist make them more genuine.

How long do eyebrow extensions last?

The solution to this problem greatly depends on the kind of extensions you get as well as you daily habits. Extensions applied directly to the regular brow hairs will fall out naturally with the hair’s peeling cycle, typically everywhere from 6 to 16 days. Of course, in case you are a type of person who daily rubs don’t be surprised their eyes or touch their face, don’t be amazed if they fall out faster.

So, now if you are ready to take this treatment and you no more want to feel embarrassed because of your brows and consult an expert to get all insights about it.


Why Eyebrow Embroidery Is In Trend?

Eyebrows determine the structure of women’s face and accentuate her naturally beautiful features. In fact, groomed, thicker and darker brows make every person look younger and giving them an almost instant face-lift. If you want to enhance your face look then Brow Embroidery is the best technique that helps you to give you a natural looking eyebrow.


Like all parts of beauty and fashion, eyebrow trend change too. Gone are those days when persons use pencils for shaping their eyebrows. Now eyebrow embroidery trend is more popular that help women to get perfect arches. It is the painless innovative technique which done with the use of a sterilized needle and a distinctive feathering method, a skilled technician will fill in the empty spots in your brows with colored pigment. The eyebrow embroidery will look very real as the pigments used are matched exactly to the customer’s brows. The hair strokes are very natural, have a good looking eyebrows, it will keeps on in water and in the sun as well as no smudging even if you are to swim and sweat.

Is it safe?

As with any cosmetic process, eyebrow embroidery is safe, but it depends upon the parlor, where you go for this treatment. In order to get the unmatched quality treatment and minimize your risk for infection, make sure your technician is well-qualified and certified by a reputable company. Also, ask about sterilization. It is very essential that all tools used are completely sterile to avoid the transmission of infectious bacteria.

It is the painless procedure. Because the several creams are used and only the epidermis is penetrated, the pain will be nothing worse than threading. There should not be any bleeding and swelling during the process.

Eyebrow Embroidery is the latest method for enhancing the look of your face. So without waste more time, come and visit our website and with the help of this innovative technique get darker and beautiful eyebrows.

6 Amazing Facts About Eyebrow Embroidery

With regards to eyebrow trends, microblading is certainly the freshest one that has been making the most buzz. It’s the key to the “no makeup” makeup looks of numerous big names and influencers, so this is quite obvious that you are very much interested to know about it. And to split the principles of this fascinating procedure, here are 6 things you have to know before you choose to attempt this procedure for yourself:

  1. It has various other names

A few people call it 3D Brow Tattooing and some use the term Eyebrow Embroidery, however the most widely recognized and literal term is microblading.

  1. It’s not the same with traditional tattooed-on brows.

Traditional eyebrow tattoos are excessively dull, thin, or unnatural-looking, while microbladed brows expect to copy genuine brow hairs so that they look like the natural ones.

  1. It needs to be done by experts

Microbladed brows are as yet considered face tattoos, so you need to deliberately review portfolios of brow specialists and ensure that they’re genuine before availing of the service. A professional should likewise counsel with you about your favored shape and shading before starting the tattooing process, so don’t be reluctant to be meticulous.

  1. It can get a little pricey

Proficient brow artists need to do a lot of training with a specific end goal to begin microblading on real customers, and the procedure itself is extremely sensitive and requires an extraordinary eye for detail and accuracy.

  1. Rather than needles, microblading uses blade and ink

To accomplish the look of genuine eyebrow hairs, brow artists utilize small blades in order to make little cuts on the eyebrows, and after that they fill in the cuts with ink.

The eyebrow embroidery is preferable is best for those young ladies who invest energy doing their eyebrows everyday and to the individuals who either don’t know how to do their brows or have no brows at all. in case you’re somebody who likes to change your brow shape a and look frequently, getting semi-lasting brows might be too restricting.

Eyebrow Embroidery- A new way to get more attention in life

All women deserve to be appreciated, respected, and admired. When woman improves her appearance, an amazing thing happens. People begin to pay attention and listen to them and also seek their company. She becomes more confident, and this makes her look even better. Like all aspects of fashion and beauty, eyebrow trends change too. Eyebrows frame a woman’s face and emphasize her naturally beautiful features. In other words, Brow embroidery makes you look younger and giving almost instant facelift.

What is eyebrow embroidery?

Eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent way of making eyebrows. It is a cosmetic procedure that helps to add depth, thickness and fullness to brows and also help for enhancing the look of your face. With the use of a sterilized needle and unique feathering technique, the talented and trustworthy technician fills empty spots in brows with colored pigment and gives them an appearance of real eyebrows.  This is a quick and painless procedure by which brows look neat and natural from every angle.

Benefits of eyebrow embroidery

  • It helps to make sparse eyebrows look fuller.
  • This procedure helps to give natural lift to the eyes.
  • It is possible to adjust the length and width of eyebrows.
  • It helps to enhance the look of your face.

How to choose the best eyebrow embroidery service?

Eyebrow embroidery is safe only when performed by a qualified and talented technician. Don’t hesitate to ask experts to show you before and after photos of their work and copy of their certificate. Check out the price of the package and after examine all the procedure select one of the best among several alternatives.

If you want to enhance your beauty and give good impression in front of several persons, visit our website, fulfill all the formalities and get more natural eyebrows.

Things to which you are not familiar with Evolution of Eyes

Green, blue, brown, and black eyes the most common one is the black color. Eyes come in different colors and our favorites will be remaining ours only. But the wonder how there exist such a differentiation in color of eyes. Get the Eyeliner Embroidery in Singapore done for any of the color of eye you have. Enhance the beauty of your eyes with embroidery being performed.

Here are the few facts discussed about the evolution of eye color that are:

  1. Over the years only black and brow were the colors which ancestors used to have. But the variations seen today are mutation results of genes that happened over the year.
  2. A pigment termed as Melanin is responsible for color of skin and hair is also responsible for color of eyes. Widely and ancient accepted theory states that man is said to evolved from Africa where direct sunlight throughout year lead to natural selection of melanin producing gene. Abundance the pigment is responsible for darker skin tones, and also darker shades of eyes that are brown and black.
  3. Once man began to move about settle in some other different parts of world the high melanin producing gene was no longer needed as direct contact with sun weren’t so harmful. That leads to lesser melanin being produced in body and mutation lead to dull shades of skin, hair and even the eyes. Therefore you can see Americans & Europeans have blonde hair and green, color eyes. Whereas in case of Asian and Africa subcontinent the color is still dark.
  4. Get the Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore to have beautiful eyes. When an offspring is born on different eye colored mated yet another shades of eyes. Studies have revealed color of human eyes is not dictated by single gene like most traits are. It’s the polygenic trait meaning several genes on various chromosomes carry information about color of human eyes. When these genes are asked to express they all blend resulting in various different shades of color.

New eyes color will possibly continue to evolve as mutation build up with time.